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1. Does it hurts?

A wax can cause discomfort but is very tolerable. 

3. How long should I wait to get waxed after I've shaved?

3-4 weeks. Anything before may not achieve desirable result.

5. Will my hair grow thicker?

After 2-3 wax appointments the hair will begin to grow thinner and reduce hair growth.

7. Can I get waxed on my period?

Yes you can with a fresh tampon. Also your sensitivity will/may increase.

9. How long does my hair have to be for a wax?

Hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice (1/4 inch).

2. How can I prepare for my Brazilian Wax?

You can take a Tylenol 1 hour before your appointment to reduce sensitivity.

4. Can I shave in between wax appointments?

Shaving in between waxes can cause ingrown hairs and thicker hair.

6. How long will my Brazilian wax last?

3-4 weeks. Some can go longer

8. Can a pregnant woman get a Brazilian wax?

Yes but we recommend consultating your doctor first. Increase sensitivity.

10. What is the difference between a Bikini Full and an Brazilian Wax?

The only difference is that the Bikini Full does not include a butt strip like the Brazilian.

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